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Faithful Measurement Postulate
If an instrument is thrown into a definite state by a specific state of the system it is measuring, and if the same state of the world always produces the same state in the instrument, it will always be possible to infer the state of the world from the state of the instrument.*

* Reference: Romano Harr'e "Great Scientific Experiments"

Ein-Stein-ian (Peter K. Stein) Measurement Philosophy
this data, have been acquired by that measurement system, without distortion, contamination, & without affecting or disturbing the process, be observed? A Measurement System is guilty by assumption, & it must be proved innocent, beyond any reasonable doubt. Bad data can look as believable as good data!   Every component in a measurement system, responds in every way it can, to everything in it's environment.

There are
"16" possible environmental response syndromes in a transducer; Only "1" is the Truth!!!!!!   Data analysis is not a divine right; it is not guaranteed by Congress. It is a right, that the measurement engineer has to earn!!  We ask a measurement system for the facts; not for it's opinion!!! **
** Reference: Teacher Emeritus / Grandfather of Modern Measurement Engineering Philosophies, Peter K. Stein
"The Unified Approach to Measurement Systems"
Stein Engineering Services, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona USA.

It, truly, is a challenging task to: "Take valid data on purpose & to be able to prove it"  without  using Pete's "Unified Approach"!  We strive towards perfection when it comes to the measurements we make. Karen & I are committed to selling the best numbers that can be substantiated by everything we currently know & have personally experienced.

"We Sell Good Numbers"


Paul Morgan, President
Karen Hicks, Vice-President

"The Torque People"

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