Engineered Measurement Systems Inc. - Manufacturer of Unique Torque-Meters

History of the company

    Engineered Measurement Systems is an engineering, design and manufacturing firm that specializes in high quality precision torque measurement systems for automotive, industrial, aerospace, & outer space applications. EMS was formed in February of 1998 because we believed there was a niche that needed to be filled between the quality and high standards that the torque testing community needs and the companies that have, so far, been supplying them.

Too often, short cuts are taken to reduce cost at the expense of quality. In most testing situations and environments, this is just not acceptable. We won't do it. In our years of experience we've learned, without a doubt, that attention to detail is absolutely necessary to design and manufacture a high quality torque measurement system that will meet the Customers needs and withstand the rigors of the test it was designed for.

Our Company has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing custom torque meters and measurement systems of the highest quality available, at a reasonable cost, with best effort deliveries since 1998. We've been in this business a long time and know our customers have deadlines to complete their systems and begin their testing. We also know that the torque meter system is usually the long lead-time component. We try to reduce that lead-time, without sacrificing quality, by having the best engineers and technicians' available working with us. We can do this because the owners (Paul Morgan and Karen Hicks) have a combined 56 years of experience in the strain gage based transducer, test and measurement field. We know the players. We know who can and who can't meet our standards.

Paul and Karen both chose this career path because of the challenge of excellence and the need to excel at this exceptionally technical field. They do not believe in compromising quality for any reason. They admit, without regret, to being perfectionists and employ those of like mind, especially in the critical areas where they are needed.

Karen and Paul began working together in 1979 at Lebow Associates. Paul coming from Marposs Gauges after graduating with a triple major of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Mathematics. Karen, in 1972, had begun learning the technical end, from some of the best in the field, at GSE, Inc. During their time together at Lebow Associates, the company changed hands and was eventually taken over by the Eaton Corporation. Paul received 4 U.S. patents and 1 international patent for torque meter design before leaving Eaton in 1992, to work as Chief Engineer and to design a Torque-Meter line at Key Transducers. Karen worked as Senior Production Tech until leaving Lebow-Eaton in 1987. Karen spent the next two years working for R.A. Denton, best known for instrumentating crash test dummies, and then on to Key Transducers, a new company started by another Eaton alumni. From 1989 to 1998 she was the Production Manager at that facility. They both left Key Transducers in Feb. of 1998 to form Engineered Measurement Systems Inc..

Today our company, Engineered Measurement Systems Inc., manufactures unique torque-meters that express very good numbers, day-to-day, environment-to-environment in real world applications.
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