ANVIL Series Foot Mount Torque-Meter



Type of Measurement: Fatigue Rated Measurement of Input / Output Torsionals

Typical Test: Engine & Powertrain Fatigue Testing Dynamometer

Special Test Conditions:

Torque-Meter Features:


Torque-Meter Description:

     Torque-Meter is designed to be integrated into an Engine & Powertrain Fatigue Testing Dynamometer. Torque-Meter accurately measures input / output torsionals while being resistant to fatigue and having a survivability when engine or powertrain components fail. It's short length with flanges maximizes torsional stiffness.

One end of the torque-meter has a bearing arrangement Engineered for the extraneous bending moment from a Cardan Joint Driveshaft or the side loading from a pulley or other mechanical arrangement. One or both flanges can bolt directly to the flexible disc packs of a Rexnord / Thomas Series 52 Coupling. Shaft / flange interface features a tapered P3 Polygon ( 3 cam ground lobes on a 10:1 taper), Engineered to resist the fretting corrosion from oscillating & heavy shock loading (dynamically it bears a close resemblance to a solid joint ). Torque-meter has an integral foot mount for mechanical rigidity and is heat treated for reduced fretting corrosion at the load bearing surfaces.

Torque-Meter uses passive strain gage technology on a rotating shaft. Mechanical stress is converted to strain which is transduced into a voltage signal via strain gages in a full wheatstone bridge arrangement. Communication between stationary and rotating worlds is performed via a rotary transformer. The rotary transformer requires an AC Excitation Voltage and transmits back an Amplitude Modulated Signal Voltage (mV) @ the Excitation Frequency, which is a measurement of the applied Torque.


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